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The Jack Pot in Marijuana SMS

TextSpot makes it incredibly simple for marijuana dispensaries to build, scale, and manage their text messaging.

Cannabis Features & Uses:

  • Send customers reminders and notifications about their orders.
  • Schedule mass texts to groups and lists about new products, deals, events, and more.
  • Create recurring text message reminders for customers that buy regularly.

How Cannabis Businesses Uses Text Messaging

Manage your cannabis business with ease using text message software plus the tools you need to market your brand and keep your clients updated on the latest cannabis products. Text and SMS messaging technology allows you to “tap into” your network of clients and potential customers for prompt, effective communication.

Do you have a new strain of cannabis or brand of seeds to market? Whether you’re marketing medical cannabis to a specific group of clients or targeting the public or customer base with a new blend of cannabis, text and SMS messages are a great way to promote your product.

There are many ways to use messaging, from promotional and transactional messages to recurring texts, bulk text messaging, two-way and scheduled texts. You’ll find it’s the easiest way to keep your clients effectively up to date with the latest offers and sales at your shop.

Promotional vs. Transactional Text Messages for Cannabis

Two main types of text messages you’ll use are promotional and transactional messages. Promotional messages market regularly to current and potential customers to let them know of new, upcoming strains and discounts during the holidays or other special events.

Transactional messages are a discreet and effective way to schedule orders, pickups, deliveries, and requesting information about specific cannabis products.

Bulk/Mass Texting

With bulk texting, you can bypass expensive marketing campaigns and target your current network of clients and subscribers who opt-in to receive specific promotions and sales when they’re available. Customers can use keywords and categories to define which products or specific strains they want updates on or choose to receive general information en masse.

Recurring Texts

Does your cannabis shop have regular events or discount codes to promote throughout the year? Recurring texts offer invites and market-specific promotions during the holidays or when a new product is introduced. You can set your recurring texts to remind clients of specific sale dates and promotion events.

2-Way Messaging

When you use 2-way messaging, you can communicate one-on-one with specific clients who want to confirm an order or make a change to the product or date of delivery.

Schedule Texts

Are you scheduling a delivery or providing a quote or date of arrival for a client? Scheduled texts are a useful way to remind customers when to pick up or receive their order or respond to an inquiry from an email or phone call as a follow-up communication.

Organizations & User Management

Your cannabis company and customer base will benefit from a highly secure system that maintains a private and safe network for communication.

Learn More About the Text Messaging Software Features for Cannabis Businesses

Create a platform for transactions, scheduling orders, and responding to customers through text and SMS messaging. You can broadcast features of a specific cannabis product or strain with an interactive video or photo. Tutorials for beginners learning to grow or use cannabis products are another great way to engage new clients.

Benefits of Text Messaging for Cannabis Businesses

Instant messaging is widespread, and everyone checks their phone frequently. Sending a quick text or SMS message is the best way to alert your customers to new promotions and specific orders that they’ve placed with your company. Clients who opt to receive periodic messages have the advantage of knowing when the following cannabis product will become available or when they can cash in on a discount or sale.

Your Benefits as an Organization

Keeping the communication and promotional content fresh and appealing is easier than ever with innovative text messaging software. It’s quick, inexpensive, and keeps your clients in the know about what’s available and on sale.

Effective Communication

When your clients and potential customers sign up for regular promotional messages, they’ll never have to worry about missing a special offer or planning their next purchase. They can also inquire about the status of their order or make changes if needed.

Make Sure Your Message is Read with High Open Rates

TextSpot features the ability to track your messages and determine which specific updates or phrases get the most attention or interest.


Create a highly successful marketing platform without spending a lot on hiring staff to promote your company or posting expensive ads online. Offer your customers and potential clients everything they’re looking for with a quick text.


Developing a marketing strategy is time-consuming and can become an expensive venture. TextSpot offers an affordable way to allow customers to receive text, videos, and photos of what they opt to receive, with the option of customizing specific updates for certain individuals or groups.

Other Specific Cannabis Business Benefits

TextSpot allows you to grow your business without enormous fees and ongoing costs impacting your bottom line. If your company is planning on featuring new products at an event or show, send invites to your customers and the public.

Your Audience’s Benefits

Customers are always eager to find the best deal or sale for their next order, and receiving regular updates or messages from your shop about discounts and special offers is an ideal way to increase sales and gain a better client base.

Who Should Use SMS for Cannabis Businesses

A cannabis shop owner may want to inform customers about a new cannabis product or introduce a new staff member or manager to a broader client base. SMS is ideal for creating a more interactive way of communicating with customers and keeping them updated.

How to be Successful

TextSpot allows you to strategize your marketing campaigns and synchronize your messages for sale events for tremendous success.

How to Collect Phone Numbers

Your current list of contacts and clients can be added to your SMS and text messaging software seamlessly to make your communication process easy and innovative.

Getting Started with SMS for Cannabis Businesses

You can start expanding your shop’s sales and clientele by signing up with TextSpot today and sending messages in minutes!

What You’ll Need

When you sign up with TextSpot, you’ll have the best marketing and communicating tools at your fingertips. It’s an excellent way to enjoy greater opportunities for success for your cannabis business and overall success.


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