Application to Person (A2P) Campaign Registry Guide

Use this guide to learn what A2P is and how TextSpot registers your organization on your behalf. This guide will cover each step of the process and answer your most frequently asked questions.


What is the A2P Campaign Registry?

Due to phone carrier requirements (like Verizon, ATT, etc.), applications like TextSpot are required to collect information about your organization. This information is used to verify your TextSpot phone number.

Telecom/phone carriers want to know who is sending traffic (SMS and MMS messages) across their network in order to prevent fraud and spam.

Having your phone number registered allows you to send a higher throughput of messages across phone carriers, achieve better send & receive rates, lower costs, and for you: happier subscribers.

We try to make the campaign registry process easy and straightforward.

What are the A2P Campaign Registry Questions?

These questions are presented to you to fill out in a form on TextSpot. The questions asked in the A2P campaign registry process are the following:

  1. Are you messaging on behalf of a business?
  2. Legal company name?
  3. Country?
  4. Do you have an EIN (Employer Identification Number)?
  5. If you have an EIN, what is the EIN?
  6. Business type (LLC, Sole Proprietorship, Non-profit, Corporation, etc)?
  7. Company type (Private, Government, Public, Non-profit)?
  8. Industry?
  9. Website URL?
  10. Physical address?
  11. First and last name of contact?
  12. Email address?
  13. Phone number?
  14. Job title?
  15. Job position (CEO, Director, CFO, etc)?
  16. What are the types of messages you will send to contacts (check all that apply)?
    1. Appointment Reminders
      Messages to patients, customers, etc about upcoming appointments, meetings, etc.
    2. Marketing Messages
      Messages to customers about products or services.
    3. Event Reminders / Information
      Reminders or information regarding events.
    4. Transactional Notifications
      Confirmations of appointments, purchases, etc.
    5. Service Information
      Important information regarding a customer’s product or service.
  17. Please select example messages that best match the type of messages you will be sending:
    1. Reminder, your appointment is scheduled for tomorrow at 1 pm.
    2. We are having a 20% off everything sale this weekend only.
    3. Our event start time has changed from 5pm to 6pm.
    4. Thank you for requesting a meeting. A member of our team will be in touch shortly.
    5. It’s time for your annual check-up. Please schedule an appointment with us soon.
    6. Option Custom Example:
  18. How do you receive your contacts’ consent to send them messages (opt-in) (check all that apply)?
    1. Contacts subscribe themselves to receive messages from our organization via forms or keywords.
    2. Contacts agree to receive messages via third-party software.
    3. Contacts agree to receive messages by initiating contact with our organization.
    4. We receive written consent from our contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is A2P 10DLC?

A2P 10DLC refers to a system in the United States that allows businesses to send Application-to-Person (A2P) type messaging via standard 10-digit long code (10DLC) phone numbers. Carriers in the US consider all messaging traffic from software like TextSpot to be A2P. Carriers’ A2P 10DLC offerings provide better delivery quality and lower filtering risk.

How does the A2P registry work?

There are two requirements under the A2P 10DLC campaign registry system:

  1. Organizations must identify who they are to the carrier networks (Brand registration).
  2. Organizations must register what type of messages they are sending, i.e. notifications (Campaign registration).

This registration is done through TextSpot after you select your TextSpot phone number, which happens right after you sign up for a paid subscription.

TextSpot has integrated The Campaign Registry (TCR) to meet the requirements of carriers, making it easy for you to register and onboard.

How long does the A2P registry take?

The registration form on TextSpot typically takes just a few minutes to complete if you’ve already collected all of the required information for the questions.

Will I be able to send messages before I am approved?

Yes, you will still be able to send messages through TextSpot before approval.

What happens if I do not have an EIN?

If you don’t have an EIN you can still register.


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