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Does a Free Mass Texting App Exist?

The short answer is no. Sending mass text messages has an associated cost that comes from telecommunication companies. Mass texting apps, like TextSpot, pass on those costs to their users.

If a website claims to offer a completely free mass texting app, there is likely a catch. For instance:

  • You, the user, may be the product for sale. As in, the company will sell your data to third parties.
  • You may be getting scammed.
  • You may have many feature limitations, including limits on how many text message you can send.

If you are searching for a free mass text messaging service, you are likely trying to solve a communication or marketing problem for your organization. The good new is, SMS marketing is a great solution and has one of these strongest ROIs of any marketing channel.

Although mass texting services aren’t free, they can be extremely affordable. For example, you can get started with TextSpot for as little as $7/month.

Is TextSpot a Free Mass Texting App?

While all of our account options require a paid subscription to send text messages (because it costs us to send your text messages through our app) we understand that a lot of people love “freemium” options for software services.

We have created a few different ways you can get a free account and send mass text messages through our app for free.

How To Send Free Mass Text Messages

Coming soon, we’ll be offering different ways that you can send free mass text messages through TextSpot. Below are all the different ways you can send free mass text messages.


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Service Bundles

For qualified small to medium sized businesses, you can purchase other digital marketing and website services through our partner network. For example, if you switch website hosting to one of our partners, you’ll get a free TextSpot account.

Services include:

  • Website Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Design

Find out if you qualify.

How Does a Mass Text Campaign Work?

First, you’ll have to set up an account with an SMS app like TextSpot and add your contacts to the group you want to send a mass text to. Then you’ll be ready to send a message to hundreds or thousands of customers or potential customers in just a couple of minutes.

Send a Mass Text Message with TextSpot

  1. Once you have added contacts to your group you can now send or schedule messages to your group. Go to “Dashboard” and select “To Group” under “Send a Message” then select your group name under the dropdown.
    select a group to schedule an SMS
  2. Select when to send your group message.
    schedule text to send to group for mass texting

That’s it. You’ve just scheduled or sent a mass text to a group.

Additional Mass Text Campaign Creation Information:

  • View and delete scheduled group texts under the “Scheduled” tab on the left.
  • View sent messages under the “Sent” tab on the left. This table will show all messages sent to every contact. It also indicates whether a message was sent to the contact via a Group Message.
  • For every contact in a group that you send a mass text to you will use at least one credit per contact in that group. For example, if you have 20 contacts in a group and send a message, it will cost at least 20 credits (it will cost more credits if you are over the character limit and/or you are using the UCS-2 format to send a message – this is the format used to send emojis.)

Mass Texting Costs

The cost of sending a mass text depends on the platform you use. Most major platforms offer volume discounts. The more messages you send, the cheaper your bulk texting costs will be.

TextSpot is similar. The more texts you send the less the cost of your messages. This of course does have its limitations.

Learn more about mass texting pricing.

Mass Texting Features

When selecting a mass texting service, you shouldn’t just consider the cost or how many SMS messages you can send. A robust feature set will make sending bulk text messages much easier and more effective.

Learn more about TextSpot features.

2-Way Messaging

Sometimes when you send a mass text message to a large contact list, you’ll want to solicit a reply from your recipients (the individual contacts in the mass text you send). 2-way messaging allows recipients to reply to your mass text messages so you can have a private conversation with them.

Scheduled Mass Texts

Having the ability to schedule out your mass texts will make managing your campaigns much easier. With a scheduling feature your bulk SMS messages can be scheduled to send at any time and date in the future you’d like.

Recurring or Repeat Mass Texts

Repeat or recurring texts allow you to send the same mass text message at regular intervals. You might set up a mass recurring text message if you have a large group of people that need to be regularly reminded about an event, for example.

Import Contacts

Import a list of contacts and easily create groups to send mass text messages to.


Keywords allow people to text a keyword to join your groups. Like email marketing, this is like subscribing to your text messaging.

Private Phone Number

You’ll want a private phone number to send and receive SMS text messages with. If you are a business, it’s possible to use your business phone number to send and receive text messages.

Mobile App

Many mass text apps also offer mobile apps you can download from the iPhone or Android app stores. These apps allow you to use many of the same features as the web app or desktop app versions of the software.

Mass Texting Uses

Dozens of industries and organizations can benefit from SMS marketing and mass text messaging. Any service-based business where your customer or patient schedules appointments. Learn more about text messaging services for these industries:

Business text messaging provides infinite possibilities for effectively communicating with your customers. Whether you simply need to send appointment reminders or want to send marketing messages to sell more products, there is likely a use case for your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a mass text, bulk text, and text blast?

There really isn’t a difference between a mass text, bulk text, or text blast. These are all synonyms.

What do I need in order to use a mass texting app?

You’ll need an internet connection, SMS software with a mass text feature, and a list of contact phone numbers to send your text message to.

Is mass texting illegal?

No, mass texting is not illegal. However, there are compliance laws that protect recipients from being spammed. Recipients can unsubscribe or block receiving messages from you if they reply with words like STOP, REMOVE, CANCEL, OPTOUT, UNSUBSCRIBE, END or QUIT.

Does unlimited texting exist on an SMS text platform?

Yes, however, you will still pay depending on usage. Platforms like TextSpot allow you to send unlimited text messages, but you’ll pay for every message.


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