Google Calendar Text Reminders

Automatically send a Google Calendar text message reminder to a phone number via TextSpot. Use Zapier to connect your Google Calendar to TextSpot.

*When this happens...

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New Event

Triggers when a new Google calendar event is created with a phone number in the description.

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Send Text Message

Sends a text message via TextSpot at a time and date before the Google calendar event starts.

With Zapier you can connect your Google Calendar to TextSpot in order to automate sending text message reminders and other messages based on events in your calendar. The phone number of the recipient will need to be in the Google Calendar description to work properly.

Use this Zapier template to make the setup process easier!

How to Setup the Google Calendar Text Reminder

  1. Create a new Zap in your Zapier account and select Google Calendar Event Start as your trigger then select Continue.
    zapier google calendar
  2. Connect and choose your Google Calendar account then select continue.
    choose google calendar account screenshot
  3. Set up your Google Calendar trigger by selecting the calendar you want to access and the time before the event that you want to send a text message. For example, if you input 1 in the “Time Before” field and hours in the “Time Before (Unit)” field, the text message will send 1 hour before the event start time. Select continue after setting up the trigger.
    google calendar trigger zapier
  4. Choose TextSpot as the app and event to connect to.
    select textspot in zapier
  5. Connect your TextSpot account to Zapier if you haven’t already.
    connect textspot to zapier
  6. Set up the action by composing the text message you want to send. You can connect data like the name of the event to automatically insert into your text message. For the phone number, select the Google Calendar description. You’ll need to make sure the recipient’s phone number is in the description of the Google Calendar even in order for the message to send.
    textpsot zapier message

That’s it. You now have successfully created a Google Calendar SMS reminder automation.


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