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TextSpot makes dental patient appointment reminders a breeze. Upload your lists, create a message and you’re done.

Use TextSpot to send friendly teeth cleaning reminders and more.

Dentistry Features & Uses:

  • Send and schedule text messages based on your patients’ scheduled appointments.
  • Automatically follow-up after scheduled appointments to ask for reviews or to thank them.
  • Mass text patients that don’t have an appointment already scheduled.

SMS Features for Dentists

All plans, whether you subscribe to 100 or 10,000+ message credits, come with the following features (no limitations).
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How Dentists Use Text Messages

Dentists can use text messages to engage with patients both before and after appointments. It can help reduce no-shows by reminding patients that they have an appointment coming up — sometimes, they just don’t remember. By letting them reschedule an appointment they can’t attend quickly and easily, you can save time and manage your schedule more effectively.

In addition, you can use text messaging to provide tips to your patients, encourage them to book new appointments regularly for checkups, and let them know about hours of operation changes, phone number changes, or any other changes they should know about.

Promotional vs. Transactional Text Messages

There are two types of text messages you should focus on: promotional messages and transactional messages.

Examples of transactional messages include appointment reminders and confirmations.

The goal of transactional messages is to make sure scheduled transactions happen smoothly.

The goal of promotional messages, on the other hand, is to make new transactions happen.

Examples of promotional messages include reminders to schedule a checkup or cleaning, reminders after an appointment to schedule a follow-up, and information about teeth whitening promotions or any other promotion you might be offering. For example, you might be offering a new payment plan for kids’ braces — let parents know.

Bulk/Mass Texting

Sending text messages in bulk can help you quickly fill your calendar and build up your patient list. You can send a promotional message to many patients at once, or you can send helpful dental care reminders to strengthen your existing relationships with patients and offer value. Bulk/mass texting is efficient and effective.

Recurring Texts

Recurring texts help patients remember and prepare for upcoming appointments. For example, you can send recurring text messages, every week, for the three weeks before an appointment. That gives them time to reschedule, even if they miss the first text message.

2-Way Messaging

2-way messaging allows dentists to communicate directly with patients. Instead of sending no-reply messages, you can allow patients to respond.

You can use 2-way messaging to:

  • Answer a patient’s questions before a procedure or visit and relieve their doubts
  • Get feedback from a patient after a visit, so you can learn how you can improve
  • Provide dental care and emergency dental advice to patients
  • Reschedule appointments via text message
  • Provide information about services and promotions you offer
  • Help new patients get directions to your clinic

Schedule Texts

Schedule text messages in advance to build your relationship with patients. You can schedule a text message a few weeks before you go on holiday to inform patients, or schedule a message with a link to a newsletter with helpful dental care tips.

Organizations and User Management

You can add users to manage your texts with patients, so you don’t have to yourself. Only authorized users can access your patients’ text messages, allowing you to comply with all privacy regulations.

Software Features Dentists Are Using

Dentists are using SMS software features such as contact importation, private numbers, user management, text scheduling, 2-way text messaging, MMS messaging, mass texting, and recurring texts to save time and increase efficiency.

Benefits of Text Messaging

Both dental clinics and patients stand to gain from implementing text messaging software.

Your Benefits as an Organization

Effective Communication

While many dentists send email follow-ups and newsletters, the reality is that many people’s inboxes are cluttered, and people don’t open a majority of emails. Using text messages allows you to improve communication.

People see most of their text messages, unlike emails and even missed phone calls. A lot of people don’t even bother picking up their phones anymore, especially if they don’t recognize the number — but they’ll read a text message.


Text messaging is an affordable way to stay in touch with patients. It’s cheap and easy, and you’ll save money by reducing no-shows and getting new patients by promoting your deals and payment plans. You’ll also retain more patients for a longer period by following up with them periodically after their first visits.


You’ll save time by reducing no-shows and scheduling text messages in advance. Instead of calling patients to confirm appointments, you can have text confirmation messages sent automatically, so they can confirm with just a few clicks.

Your Audience’s Benefits

Patients will be able to get dental tips, be reminded of appointments, schedule and reschedule appointments on their phone, and learn of promotions and deals you offer.

Who Should Use SMS for Dentists?

Those who should use SMS messaging for dentists include dentists, orthodontics, dental beauty clinics, receptionists, and billing departments.

How to Be Successful

Always be consistent, professional, and responsive. Schedule text messages in advance and send them in bulk, and respond quickly when patients ask questions via text.

How to Collect Phone Numbers

You can collect phone numbers from patients when they schedule appointments for the first time. You can also collect phone numbers on your website via online forms.

Getting Started With SMS for Dentists

Are you ready to get started with SMS messaging? Here’s how.

What You’ll Need

Here are the three main things you’ll need:

  • A text-enabled phone number
  • An SMS software like TextSpot
  • Phone numbers, which you can collect from new patients or on your website

It’s as simple as that!

What to Consider

Make a plan! Think about different types of promotional and transactional messages you might send, and write them carefully. Make sure to send messages regularly, so patients remember you.

Getting Started With TextSpot

Fortunately, getting started with TextSpot is easy and free! Sign up for free to start using TextSpot. You can also email us at for more information or if you have any questions.

Make sure to check out our resources. We have comprehensive SMS guides that teach you how to use SMS messaging and be successful. If you need help writing your text messages during your free trial, feel free to use our free dental appointment reminder templates.


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