Text Marketing 101: Everything You Need to Get Started

Want a way to reach your customers wherever they are? Here's how to do text marketing that's efficient and comfortable for your audience.

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Did you know that the average person checks their cell phone 85 times a day? That’s a lot of screen time! If you’re a business owner, you want to make sure your marketing is on people’s screens.

If you’re already doing well on your social media marketing or email marketing but are looking to expand your strategy, consider text marketing. Marketing via SMS is surprisingly effective! The open rate of texts is far higher than email and creates almost surefire engagement.

Beginning a text marketing campaign can be daunting. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to everything you need to know about text marketing.

What is Text Marketing?

Text message marketing is exactly what it sounds like: marketing to your client or contact lists via direct SMS messages. SMS marketing requires a unique approach, so get ready to adapt quickly.

When advertising or communicating to your clients via text message, you’re looking to fit as much information into the shortest space possible. You want each text to be around the length of a tweet, roughly 160 characters.

Does this mean you have to individually text each customer from your personal phone number? Of course not! There are plenty of mass texting services that do the heavy lifting for you.

In this article, we’ll not only show you the benefits of text marketing, we’ll teach you to perfect your technique! We will also guide you through using a mass messaging service and streamlining your strategy. Read on for more!

Text Marketing Statistics: Does it Work?

Now here’s the biggest question. Does text marketing really work?

Yes, it does. Better than you’ve been led to believe. The numbers prove it.

98% of text messages end up being opened. This is especially notable when compared to the open rate of emails, which is only about 22%.

But getting eyes on your text messages is only half the battle. You also have to get engagement from your customers. This is why text marketing is so effective: 95% of text messages are read and responded to within three minutes!

Finally, text marketing is what people want. 48% of consumers say that they prefer to receive brand updates via SMS. The convenience and brevity of a text message fit perfectly into busy lives.

Getting Started

Since text marketing is more personalized, you’re going to want to know your customer base fairly well beforehand. Are they more interested in coupons and deals, brand updates, event updates? Start drafting possible campaigns before shelling out a dollar.

The best part of SMS marketing is that there’s no design element. All you need is a succinct, bite-sized message; preferably, one that includes a link or call to action. Great text messages are easy to draft and follow a proven formula.

Since text messages have such a high open-rate, links included within will gain traction as well. You can bring subscribers to your latest blog post, new sale, or a survey. This is a great way to bring in more web traffic.

So, before you start to shop for a provider, plan out how you want to use this marketing tool. This will help you determine exactly what texting features you need from your provider.

Picking the Best Platform

There are many mass SMS services out there, and you may not be sure how to choose the right one for you. With so many free options, is it worth paying a low price every month?

Well, it depends on what features you need. In general, we recommend trying a service that has both free and paid options. This way, you can start by using the free service, get familiar with the mechanics, and then upgrade to the paid version later.

You’ll want a service to be intuitive to use. Waste no time with clunky interfaces or lagging systems. Text marketing is quick and easy; your service should be, too.

TextSpot is an incredibly streamlined service that offers both free and paid plans. You have complete control over your marketing technique and easy-to-read statistics.

Sending a lot of SMS or MMS messages to customers does come with a cost, however. There are no truly free services when you really start to send a lot of messages.

Running a Successful Text Campaign

So, how do you get your customers to really engage with your texts? What is the right strategy for texting? How do make sure you get high open rates?

First, text marketing requires your subscribers to opt-in to the campaign. They need to willingly consent to be sent your messages and if they do, you can go ahead and assume they’re invested in your brand.

Therefore, your messages should be brief and casual. Many brands like to include the word “friend” in their messages to create a sense of familiarity. Others write their messages in the second person to emulate a message from a friend. Either way, it does help to personalize messages where you can. Use the name of the recipient or include other information you might have stored in your database about them.

Brevity is important. Since most messages above 160 characters are split into two, messages coming in chunks of 3 or 4 will just annoy your subscribers. Don’t be afraid to use abbreviations!

Text marketing is your chance to make your brand seem personal. Utilize it well.

Uses for Text Marketing

Text marketing can be used for many different purposes. At its core, SMS marketing is a way to communicate with your subscribers. You can use it to advertise, gather data, and more.

Here are a few different types of messages you can send out.

  • Coupons: coupon codes or other sales can be sent and used quickly
  • Advertise Time-Sensitive Deals: fewer customers will miss the deals that only last 2 or 3 days
  • Event Marketing: remind customers of upcoming events, or link them to a Google calendar of events
  • Polls and Surveys: gather data from your customers in order to improve your strategy in the future
  • Sweepstakes: raffles and other contests can be run completely by text campaign, ensuring your most loyal customers benefit by signing up

You’re Ready to Text

We hope this article taught you everything you wanted to know about text marketing. Reaching your client base via text is a wise and forward-thinking move! You can really bring your marketing to the next level with this service.

Now that you’re ready to dive in, come see what we offer at TextSpot. We have a fully integrated system optimized for all sorts of businesses. Create an account to get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are texts sent in real time?

Depending on the text marketing service you are using, texts do not need be sent in real time. You can schedule texts and automate text sending text messages based on particular events.

Do I need a short code to do text marketing?

No you do not need a short code to do text marketing Short codes are more expensive for sending messages since there are fewer available. Your typical 10 digit phone number is much more cost effective.


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