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The Best Communication Tool for Salons

TextSpot makes salon appointment reminders easy and fun. Quickly and easily send and automate reminders to make sure you’re customers never miss an appointment.

Use TextSpot to send friendly haircut and other salon reminders.

Salon Features & Uses:

  • Send and schedule text messages based on your customers’ scheduled appointments.
  • Automatically follow-up after scheduled appointments to ask for reviews or to thank customers.
  • Mass text customers that don’t have an appointment already scheduled or haven’t scheduled an appointment in a while.

SMS Features for Salons

All plans, whether you subscribe to 50 or 10,000+ text messages per month, come with the following features (no limitations).
View pricing for more information. New features added monthly!

2 way messaging

2-Way Messaging

Send and receive text messages to have direct, one-on-one conversations with each of your contacts. Learn more

group texting icon

Mass Texting

Create and manage groups. Send or schedule one or thousands of bulk texts to your groups. Learn more

schedule texts icon

Schedule Texts

Set it and forget it. Pick a date and time in the future and send just one or many texts. Learn more

mms icon

MMS Marketing

Upload your own jpg or png image to send with your text messages. Learn more

recurring text icon

Recurring Texts

Create a text message to send at the same interval regularly to the same contact(s). Learn more

private number icon

Private Number

Every account gets their own private number. Pick your number when you create an account. Learn more

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Create an organization and invite unlimited users in your organization to your account. Learn more

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Import Contacts

Import contacts from a list you already have to easily manage who receives your texts. Learn more

web form

Web Forms

Allow website visitors to subscribe to your TextSpot groups with embedded forms. Learn more

How Salons Use Text Messaging and SMS 

The days when every salon had a receptionist to schedule customers are gone. Today’s salons build their clientele with automated marketing and scheduling tools.  

Letting customers see services available and schedule their appointments online, reminding them of appointments, and remembering them with surprises such as birthday discounts are just a few of the ways stylists are making the most of SMS. 

Salons can give their clients the convenience of communicating with them the way they prefer – by smartphone. With 80 percent of Americans using text messaging, automated texts are the best way to reach new and existing salon clients.  

Promotional vs. Transactional Text Messages 

SMS services such as TextSpot can help salons build their loyal clientele through promotional messages and transactional ones.  

Promotional messages that let clients and potential clients know about new services, special pricing, and new stylists help customers feel connected to your business. 

Transactional messages remind clients of upcoming appointments or ask for confirmation of appointments. This reminds the client of an appointment and helps them stay organized, and it dramatically reduces missed appointments for the salon. When a customer doesn’t show for a visit, it’s lost income for the salon and prevents a stylist from having another client in that time slot.  

TextSpot offers salons an array of features, including these business-building functions.  

Bulk/Mass Text Messaging 

Salons can build a clientele quickly through using bulk text messaging with features such as “text-for-info” that will add to a list of potential customers quickly. Targeted text messages can be sent to specific groups along with photographs and videos. 

Stylists can text in real-time with clients reached through bulk text messaging to create relationships and set appointments. 

Recurring Texts 

Recurring text messages can remind clients when it’s time for them to come in for touch-ups and trims. Like scheduled SMS messages, recurring texts are sent automatically at regular intervals. 

Salons can specify a time for the messages to be sent and have those messages repeat. A six-week message reminding clients that it’s time for a haircut will keep appointments coming.  

Two-way Messaging 

Two-way text messaging, or peer-to-peer messaging, lets stylists and their clients communicate directly. This could be over the time and date of an appointment or questions about hair care.  

Schedule Texts 

Imagine the tedious duty of sending texts to each customer individually. It might take days to reach everyone. This is the beauty of scheduled texting. Sending SMS and MMS messages can be automated, letting stylists make the most of their time.  

Organizations and User Management  

With TextSpot, you get security features that allow only those with administrative authority to send texts to your clients. User management protects your communications and customers’ privacy. 

Software Features Salons are Using 

The old appointment book at a salon’s front desk is gone, as is their cash register. Many salons are booking and organizing appointments online and using software and devices such as Square to make payments. They’re using websites as their “front door,” letting potential clients view hairstyles and colors, view services offered, and set their own appointments.  

Benefits of Text Messaging for Salons 

Americans check their cellphones about once every 12 minutes. To succeed, salons should use the medium their clients have at hand virtually all the time. Texting customers about open appointments or reminding them when it’s time for them to come in will keep salons and stylists busy.  

Your Benefits as an Organization 

Having a growing clientele is the lifeblood of a salon. Communication between stylists and their clients will create better customer service and eliminate missed appointments at your salon.  

Automating SMS and MMS messaging makes this communication easy to schedule, making the most of your time. 

The result is that your salon will reach clients and potential clients in the most convenient way for them.  

Effective Communication 

Your clients will appreciate getting reminders for their appointments because forgetting an appointment means they won’t get the salon care they want. Your stylists will appreciate their customers keeping their appointments and being on time. Both parties in this communication get what they want. 

Effective communication through text messaging will keep customers happy and your salon’s business thriving. 

Make Sure Your Message is Read with Open Rates 

TextSpot enables salon owners to monitor their text messages to determine their open rates. That way, stylists can tell which types of texts are most effective. 


Salon scheduling, communication, and marketing through TextSpot are cost-effective, helping your clientele grow in an affordable and targeted way. You’ll reach the clients you want through services that are an excellent value. 


TextSpot not only saves salons money but also time. Bulk text messages can be scheduled and sent to clients quickly and easily, and text reminders will keep missed appointments to a minimum. 

Your Clients’ Benefits 

While TextSpot will help your salon business grow and run more efficiently, your clients will appreciate communication that helps them remember their appointments and know of openings, special events, and new services. 

Who Should Use SMS for Salons 

SMS is a plus for salons large and small. For established salons, TextSpot can provide the communication that your customers will expect. At start-up salons, SMS and MMS messaging will help increase the number of loyal customers. 

Who Uses This Software? 

Salon owners or their office managers may be the key users of TextSpot SMS and MMS software, but individual stylists could also benefit from having a TextSpot account, depending on the organization of the business and how much freedom stylists have in branding and communication.  

Independent stylists can use this software to keep their micro-business thriving as easily as a larger salon’s office manager or marketing specialist could. 

How To Be Successful 

Success in using SMS and MMS messaging software is as easy as following TextSpot’s advice for new users. Finding the right timing for messaging and the right amount of texts will help you make the most out of TextSpot’s features.  

How To Collect Phone Numbers 

Creating a list of clients’ cell phone numbers is easy if you require customers’ phone numbers when appointments are made. These can be combined with your existing phone list in TextSpot, making mass messaging easy. Offering specials or rewards in which customers text you to take part is a fun way to grow your clientele list. 

Getting Started with SMS for Salons 

By now, you should be ready to start using TextSpot to grow your beauty business. Getting started is easy! 

What You’ll Need 

To get started using TextSpot, you’ll need WiFi service, which your customers will appreciate. Your salon should also have: 

  • Text-enabled cell phone number 
  • TextSpot SMS software 
  • Your clients’ cell phone numbers 

FAQs on Texting Software for Salons 

If you are new to texting software, the answers to these questions will make getting started with TextSpot easier. 

What’s the Difference between SMS and MMS? 

SMS is an acronym for Short Message Service and is one of the oldest technologies in texting. It’s limited to 160 characters per message. MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service and allows sending photos, audio, video, phone contacts, and more. MMS messages don’t have a character limit.  

Since both are sent over a cellular network, a wireless plan is all you need to send these messages. Since most Americans keep their phones at hand, you can reach your customers with SMS and MMS messaging quickly and easily. 

What’s Whatsapp? 

Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and other messaging applications are OTT, or Over The Top, apps. These don’t require a cell phone network to be sent since they’re sent over the internet instead.  

How are OTT apps different from SMS and MMS? 

OTT messaging requires an internet connection, while MMS and SMS must be sent through a cell phone network. OTT apps must be downloaded from an iOS or Android app store, while SMS messaging is supported by all mobile devices. All that’s needed to send an SMS message is a receiver’s cell phone number. 

OTT users have to be using the same app to reach each other, but anyone with a phone can send and receive SMS and MMS messages. Over The Top does have advantages, such as fewer file size limitations for multimedia files. OTT apps are also free to use, unlike SMS, but SMS is the easiest way to reach clients.  


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