Join Our Program. Earn Reccuring Revenue

Become an SMS Affiliate

Refer and earn 15% of lifetime recurring revenue with TextSpot.

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Why Become a TextSpot SMS Affiliate?

Better Commissions

Other programs offer 10% commissions that only last for 1 year. TextSpot starts at 15% for the lifetime of the referred customer.

Marketing Support

Our internal marketing team is on standby as your affiliate marketing team. 

60-Day Cookie

You earn commissions on the visitors/leads you refer within a 60-day window.

Net-15 Payouts

Don't wait 60+ days to get paid. We pay out commissions for the previous month within 15 days of the next month.

Get Started & Start Earning Today

Set up your affiliate account and start referring friends, customers, or any in your audience in 3 steps.

Sign Up & Create Your Referral Links

Create a free affiliate account and get your unique referral links set up in 60-seconds.

Promote and Share Your Links

Share your unique referral links via social media, email, texting, etc and track your leads.

Get Customers & Get Paid

Get paid via Paypal, Wise, or Bank Transfer after earning at least $50.

Who Should Become a TextSpot SMS Affiliate?

Existing TextSpot Customers

Find another reason to love TextSpot by telling your success story to others and earning a commission doing so.

Industry Experts

If you've got a captive audience, you've got a potential recurring revenue stream waiting to be unlocked.


Digital marketing agencies that provide or want to provide SMS marketing and communication to their customers.

Software Providers

SaaS companies that don't have a robust SMS feature set can generate a new income stream by partnering with TextSpot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to to sign up. You'll automatically be enrolled and able to generate your unique referral link(s) to start referring and earning commissions. 

You can earn as much as you want. You get 15% of the total of any plan that your referred customers subscribe to.

For example, if you refer one customer that subscribes to our $200/month plan, you get $30 every month that customer is subscribed to that plan.

View our pricing page to see current pricing. For any of those plans you get 15% as long as the customer is subscribed.

Once you've hit the affiliate payout threshold of $50, you can go to inside the affiliate dashboard to get paid via Paypal, Wise, or Bank Transfer. 

You will not earn a commission on any customer refunds.

No. There is not limit to how many customers you refer to TextSpot.

We use cookies to track your referrals. The cookies last for 60 days after someone clicks on your link. If they click again, the 60 days restarts.

Join Our Program. Earn Reccuring Revenue

Become an SMS Affiliate

Refer and earn 15% of lifetime recurring revenue with TextSpot.