2-Way Messaging

Send and receive text messages to have direct, one-on-one conversations with each of your contacts.

How to Use the Inbox Feature for 2-way Text Messaging

Here’s how to use the Inbox feature of TextSpot. The Inbox feature allows you to use the 2-way text messaging functionality. With Inbox, you can receive replies to text messages you send from TextSpot.

inbox individual screenshot

  1. Select “Inbox” on the left side under “Messages.”
  2. You will see recent replies that you have received from individual contacts.
  3. You can select conversations from individual contacts:
    select contact in inbox screenshot
  4. Like other messaging apps you may be used to, you can have direct one-on-one conversations with your contacts and even schedule your replies for later.
    inbox schedule a message to a contact screenshot

What Else to Know About Inbox

  • List messages will be indicated with a purple message bubble.
    A purple message bubble in an individual contact conversation indicates that the message was sent to multiple contacts in a particular list.
    In the example below, the blue messages were sent from a TextSpot account directly to the contact Erica Mason.
    The purple message was sent to a list that Erica belongs to named “Loyal Customers” (indicated right above the purple message bubble). This means that others received the purple message.
    Erica’s reply is in gray.
    group message reply example screenshot
  • When a contact replies to a message that you sent to a list, the reply will only show up in that individual contact’s conversation (like the image shows above).
  • Viewing the recent list conversations will only show the list messages that you have sent from TextSpot, not replies from your contacts.
    message to group in inbox screenshot

What is Two-Way Text Messaging?

Two-way text messaging, also known as two-way SMS, is a feature of SMS software, like TextSpot, that allows users to send and receive text messages in real-time between an application and a person’s mobile device.

Users of software like TextSpot can send or schedule direct messages to individuals or send bulk/mass texts to large lists of people who can reply to those messages. Replies are then received inside the software for you to continue a conversation.

Why Use Two-Way Text Messaging?

Using two-way SMS has many benefits over traditional messaging.

You don’t have to worry about typing out your message on your personal mobile device. Instead, you can just type it right into the software from your computer. This saves time and makes it easier to communicate with your audience and manage conversations.

Two-way messaging can offer a better customer experience than most other forms of communication. Any business or organization that wants to increase the effectiveness of their communications should consider two-way messaging.

Two-way messaging can benefit:

  • Sales – offering more opportunities to sell to your clients.
  • Customer Service – offering an option that many people prefer to use to communicate with businesses.
  • Loyalty – offering a way for your most loyal customers to stay connected and engaged with what you’re up to.
  • Marketing – offering a customer engagement opportunity that is unmatched due to high open and click-through rates.

Two-Way SMS vs Email

2-way text messaging is much more convenient than sending emails because your recipients can respond immediately. Nearly 90% of all text messages are opened within 3 minutes of being received.

Who Should Use Two-Way Text Messaging?

Anyone who has a communication need and is looking to achieve a specific outcome from their audience can benefit from two-way SMS messaging.

If you currently send emails to customers, donors, patrons, etc. then two-way conversations through SMS messages will almost certainly increase your engagement and desired outcomes.

One-Way Messages vs Two-Way Messages

One-way text messaging allows you to send text messages to recipients without the ability for them to reply or without having the ability to receive their replies.

Two-way text messaging allows you to receive replies and continue conversations directly with your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to start two-way SMS messaging?

You need an account with SMS software like TextSpot and a list of contacts to send messages to that have provided consent for you to message them.

That’s about it.

What is an SMS Campaign?

An SMS campaign is a text message marketing campaign that is sent to an individual or list of individual contacts in a mass text whose purpose is to achieve an outcome like a sale.

SMS campaigns combined with 2-way messaging can produce more effective outcomes.

What is conversational messaging?

Conversational messaging is when you can send messages back and forth between your computer and someone’s phone. You don’t necessarily need to be using SMS software to be conducting conversational messaging, but SMS is a very effective way to have conversational messages with your customers and audience.


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