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TextSpot provides recruiters and recruiting agencies with all the features they need to effectively recruit and communicate with candidates.

Recruiting Features & Uses:

  • Schedule and send mass texts to your talent pool about jobs.
  • Send interview reminders and application reminders.
  • Have personalized, one-on-one conversations managed via powerful software.
  • Send links to call your candidates to action.

SMS Features for Recruiting

All plans, whether you subscribe to 100 or 10,000+ message credits, come with the following features (no limitations).
View pricing for more information. Click below to learn more about each feature. New features added monthly!

How Recruiters Use Text Messaging

Recruiters use text messages in the recruiting process to get higher response rates. There’s no digital medium that can compete with text messaging. Recruiters can use SMS marketing software like TextSpot to save time, save money, and get more placements made.

  • Phone calls aren’t scalable for a single recruiter and are often a waste of time.
  • Emails have low open rates.
  • LinkedIn messages aren’t as reliable or managed by recipients as well as their text messages.

Text messaging, on the other hand, provides you with recruiting tools that can give you a competitive edge. Below, we’ll break down how recruiters can use SMS recruiting software feature-by-feature.

Promotional vs Transactional Text Messages

First of all, it’s important to understand the two main types of text messages for recruiters to use.

Promotional text messages are used to encourage your candidate to take action, like checking out a job posting.

Transactional text messages are used to notify your candidates of something, such as their resume being successfully uploaded to a job site.

Promotional is used to, well, promote action, while transactional is used to notify candidates of actions that they have taken or that have been taken that they should be aware of.

SMS recruiting platforms can be used to send both promotional and transactional text messages.

Bulk/Mass Texting

Send out blast texts to a pool of candidates you have that might be interested in a job. Your bulk or mass texts sent from a platform like TextSpot will be received individually by each of the candidates in your group. Learn more about creating groups for mass texting.

Mass texting is a great feature to use to notify your talent pool of upcoming hire events, to encourage referrals, and to get candidate feedback on the recruiting or hiring process – the possibilities of mass texting are endless!

Recurring Texts

Recurring texts are a great feature for recruiters to use to automate check-ins with candidates. A good recruiter should check in with their candidates after placements. Setting up a recurring monthly or quarterly text message is a great way to set it and forget it. If your candidate replies to your message, you’ll receive it in your Inbox to have a one-on-one conversation with them.

Learn more about recurring or repeat text messages.

2-Way Messaging

2-way messaging allows you to have one-on-one conversations with candidates right from your desktop. You’ll be using simple, yet powerful software to message your candidates.

With the help of sending a mass text, you can initiate a text campaign for hundreds or even thousands of candidates. Their individual replies will then be managed inside your Inbox so you can have a personal conversation with them.

Learn more about 2-way text messaging.

Schedule Texts

Work whenever by scheduling your text messages to be sent to your candidates and prospective candidates any time.

Scheduling texts allows you to easily batch your SMS work all at once. As a recruiter, your time is precious. You can’t sit simply text candidates all day long. Scheduling helps you manage your conversations so you don’t have to be reactive and send messages in real time.

Learn more about scheduling text messages.

Organizations & User Management

If you are looking for text messaging solutions for multiple recruiters as a recruiting agency, user management is important. User management will allow you to provide your recruiters with proper access to your SMS recruitment software. Some platforms even provide an activity record of what each recruiter has done with the software.

Benefits of Text Messaging for Recruiters

There are dozens of benefits to your recruiting team using SMS. Both recruiters and candidates benefit from the simple, personal medium of text messaging.

Your Benefits as an Organization

Interview Reminders

Send interview reminders to candidates to make sure they show up on time and prepared.

Interview Scheduling

Schedule interviews with candidates within a few messages.

Application Reminders

Send reminders for candidates to apply to a job they would be a good fit for.

Cost Effective

SMS messages cost just pennies to send and have higher open rates and response rates than most forms of communication.


Get more recruiting done in a fraction of the time. Your recruiting team will be able to manage more relations effectively with the help of SMS.

Candidate Benefits

Let’s face it, people prefer communication via text rather than phone calls, especially when they are building a relationship with a stranger like a recruiter.

Your candidates will love the reminders and messages that help them get the job they’re looking for.

Who Should Use SMS for Recruiting

Recruiters in all kinds of industries should try using text messaging. Whether you are recruiting for entry-level positions or executive positions at fortune 500 companies, there is a place for SMS to help you achieve your placement goals.

How To Be Successful

  • Don’t be pushy.
  • Don’t send too many messages without responses.
  • Offer value.
  • Make sure you have consent to message your candidates.

Getting Started with SMS for Recruiting

Getting started is simple. If you’ve got a contact list and consent to send messages, you can be sending texts from a platform like TextSpot in minutes.

What You’ll Need

  • Text enabled phone number
  • SMS software like TextSpot
  • Candidate information (phone numbers and names are the most important details).

Getting Started with TextSpot

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does SMS fit into the recruitment process?

The entire recruitment process can benefit from the addition of text message communication.

How can SMS help me find qualified candidates?

Prompt candidates on your SMS list to take a qualification quiz by adding a link to your text message. With over 90% of text messages being read within 3 minutes of being received you are bound to get better results qualifying candidates in bulk.


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