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Build Better Experiences

TextSpot makes communicating with your home repair and service customers simple. Whether you are a roofer, plumber, electrician, or any other home service company, text messaging can help you manage and run your business better.

Home Repair & Home Service Uses:

  • Automatically send regular service repair reminders on a recurring basis.
  • Remind customers about their upcoming service appointment.
  • Allow anyone with your company to manage 2-way text message conversions with potential customers from any device.
  • Follow up with customers after their project to ask for a review.

SMS Features for Home Repair

All plans, whether you subscribe to 100 or 10,000+ message credits, come with the following features (no limitations).
View pricing for more information. Click below to learn more about each feature. New features added monthly!

Send, schedule, and manage home repair and construction text messages to keep customers up to date on projects and answer questions. 

How Home Repair Companies Can Use Our Mass Texting Service

TextSpot makes communicating with your home repair and service customers simple. Whether you are a roofer, plumber, electrician, or any other home service company, text messaging can help you manage and run your business better. 

Promotional vs. Transactional Text Messages

Want to shout about a discounted price or a great deal for referring customers? TextSpot makes it easy to send promotional texts for advertising purposes.

You can use TextSpot for more than just advertising, though. Text a client a reminder of their upcoming appointment, or send a message to let them know about changing business hours or services. With transactional text messages, you can keep your clients updated and informed. 

Bulk/Mass Texting

Want to let clients know about your roof repair services after harsh winter snowstorms? Send mass texts for business purposes with TextSpot. Communicate with all of your customers at once to share important news, deals, and reminders. Using construction SMS, keep them in the loop about new services offered, like window installation or bathroom remodeling.

Recurring Texts

Home repair and construction companies can use recurring texts to remind customers of regularly scheduled needs and keep in contact with warm leads. 

For example, a roofer can send a recurring text every three months to remind potential leads of their new-customer discount. They could also set a recurring text for existing customers to remind them to keep up with necessary maintenance, such as cleaning gutters or checking for leaks. 

2-Way Messaging

Some home repair services, especially home remodeling, are very involved processes. Customers want to give constant feedback and have someone available to answer their every question. 2-way messaging services allow workers to communicate directly with customers. Customers love the convenience of being able to contact you from anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about your personal cell phone being flooded with work messages on your day off. 

Schedule Texts

Recurring texts are great when you want to have a touch point on a regular basis, but sometimes, you just need to send out a pre-planned text once. With text scheduling, you get the convenience of setting a one-time text to send whenever works best for you. 

For example, let’s say a huge storm is forecast to hit your market during the week of your annual vacation. You can schedule a one-time text reminding existing customers of how to prepare their homes and how to contact the office if they suffer any damage without having to send the text from the poolside. 

Organizations & User Management

Our mass texting service allows you to have multiple users within an account. These multi-person accounts, called organizations, are helpful for larger companies that may have different departments and a designated employee to manage each sector. Let your head contractor send project updates to existing clients while your marketing director sends promotions to all of your subscribers.

Benefits of Construction SMS

Your Benefits as an Organization

Effective Communication

Whenever your customer has a question or concern about their home repair or construction project, they can reach out to you in a flash. If something comes up and a customer is no longer able to be present at their home during the time of repair to let you in, they can let you know. Business texting services are also a great way to get feedback from customers. Did we mention that you can use construction SMS texting to ask for a review?

Cost Effective

With TextSpot’s texting software for businesses, you only pay for the texts you need. Our convenient credit-based pricing system provides businesses with flexibility, and our credit calculator helps you to determine how many credits you’ll be using per month. You can change your plan to upgrade or downgrade at any time! 


Instead of having no-shows at consultations, appointment reminder texts will save everyone time. Mass texting services also save time by removing the need to catalog every recipient and then copy and paste your message to each. Our SMS gateway requires just a quick login, and then you can start sending mass texts for your business immediately. 

Benefits for Your Customers

Customers love SMS text messages! The days of emails and voice messages are over. Texting is a convenient way to communicate with service providers, especially in the home repair and construction industry. People are inviting near-strangers into their homes, and the personal touch of text messaging builds trust with clients. They feel assured knowing they can reach out to someone if they have a problem or concern. 

Who Should Use SMS for Home Repair?

Construction and home repair companies of all sorts can benefit from using mass text messaging. Whether you’re an independent contractor trying to set appointments or a marketer at a giant construction company trying to drum up more sales, SMS texting enhances client communication. Roofers, electricians, painters, maintenance workers, carpenters, construction crews, and more can benefit from the convenience of SMS for home repair. 

How to Be Successful

Customers can’t know about your texting services if you don’t tell them! Send out emails announcing the new service, and tell every new customer about the convenience of SMS texting. Most customers will be excited at the prospect of easy access to appointment reminders and customer service. 

How to Collect Phone Numbers

Any customer phone numbers you already have, you can import into our TextSpot contact feature and even group contacts by region or any other method you choose! Collect new phone numbers by offering an opt-in at the end of newsletters, mentioning your SMS service in any print ads, and telling your customers when you go to work on their homes. 

Get Started with Home Construction SMS 

Before you launch a successful construction SMS texting service, there are a few things you need to get started.

What You’ll Need

  • Text-enabled phone number
  • SMS gateway (like TextSpot)
  • Subscriber information (numbers and names)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can Texts Be Used to Send Project Photos?

Absolutely. TextSpot allows users to send multimedia messages (MMS) to include images in their texts. Construction workers can take photos of worksites or unexpected damage and get a text with a quote for repairs back from HQ.


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