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TextSpot makes event reminder sms, promotion, and managing events easy.

Event Texting Uses:

  • Send event reminders and updates.
  • Promote upcoming events to your audience.
  • Schedule post event messages.

SMS Features for Event Text Message Marketing

All plans, whether you subscribe to 50 or 10,000+ text messages per month, come with the following features (no limitations).
View pricing for more information. New features added monthly!

2 way messaging

2-Way Messaging

Send and receive text messages to have direct, one-on-one conversations with each of your contacts. Learn more

group texting icon

Mass Texting

Create and manage groups. Send or schedule one or thousands of bulk texts to your groups. Learn more

schedule texts icon

Schedule Texts

Set it and forget it. Pick a date and time in the future and send just one or many texts. Learn more

mms icon

MMS Marketing

Upload your own jpg or png image to send with your text messages. Learn more

recurring text icon

Recurring Texts

Create a text message to send at the same interval regularly to the same contact(s). Learn more

private number icon

Private Number

Every account gets their own private number. Pick your number when you create an account. Learn more

organizations icon


Create an organization and invite unlimited users in your organization to your account. Learn more

import contacts icon

Import Contacts

Import contacts from a list you already have to easily manage who receives your texts. Learn more

web form

Web Forms

Allow website visitors to subscribe to your TextSpot groups with embedded forms. Learn more

How Events Uses Text Messaging

Organizations of all kinds use text messaging for their event needs. Whether you are an event venue, a conference, or an organization that puts on events, text messaging is a crucial channel for sending event reminders and promoting your events.

Promotional vs Transactional Text Messages

Promotional text messages are used to encourage attendance of your virtual event or in person events. Promotional or marketing text messages are great for keeping your audience aware of future events and getting them to sign up, RSVP, or purchase tickets to your events.

Transactional text messages are used to communicate event reminders and other event confirmations like purchases of tickets. Event reminder SMS platforms, like TextSpot, make it easy to send automated event reminders to your event attendees.

SMS marketing for events is easier with text messaging software that comes with a robust feature set. Learn more about text message software features below.

Bulk/Mass Texting

Send a bulk or a mass text message campaign to groups of hundreds or even thousands of contacts. Send reminders for your online events or in person event.

Learn more about mass texting.

Recurring Texts

A recurring text or repeat text message is a message that can be set up to send to an individual or group of contacts at a regular interval for a set period of time. This could be useful for sending a regular text message reminder to a person or group of people that regularly meet together. Churches, schools, and other organizations can use this feature to send a recurring reminder text message for committee meetings, board meetings, etc.

Learn more about recurring text messages.

2-Way Messaging

2-way messaging allows you to receive replies from those you send your text messages to. SMS software with 2-way messaging allows you to message your contacts, like you would from your mobile device, from your computer.

Schedule Texts

Scheduling your text message is crucial for managing in person or virtual events. Set up your text message reminders for all of your future events at one time.

Learn more about scheduling text messages.

Benefits of Text Messaging for Events & Event Venues

Your Benefits as an Organization

Effective Communication

SMS is one of the best marketing channels for event venues and any other organization that holds events regularly. Over 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received. There is not a more effective way to make sure your message is heard than SMS.

Cost Effective

While email marketing is typically cheaper, SMS is still affordable when you consider the cost of your marketing and communications. Email marketing, by comparison, won’t give you the same reach and ability to get your message heard as quickly as SMS. You can get started with SMS marketing for just a few dollars with TextSpot.

Time Saving

Scheduling and managing text message campaigns is incredibly simple. It’s much faster than email marketing because there is less design work. All you need to do is add or upload a group of contacts, then start scheduling your messages. You can send your first message or text campaign within minutes of creating an account.

Who Should Use SMS for Events?

Any organization that regular hosts or organizes events or meetings and event venues.

How To Be Successful

In order to successfully send event reminder SMS messages and marketing messages, you’ll need to make sure you are compliant with the latest SMS rules and regulations.

Getting Started with SMS for Events

What You’ll Need

Text enabled phone number

You may be able to use your own phone number or you can use your own private phone number with software like TextSpot.

SMS software

You’ll need software, like TextSpot, to manage your SMS needs.

Gather subscriber information

Get a list of your contacts and upload your list to TextSpot.


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