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Personal Trainer SMS Software

Send, schedule, and manage SMS reminder and marketing texts to your clients.

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personal trainer

Get Them Fit. One Text at a Time.

TextSpot will keep your clients accountable. Stay top of mind and keep them motivated with SMS software.

Personal Trainer Uses:

  • Send recurring and scheduled text messages to remind clients about workouts.
  • Provide motivational texts to customers.
  • Reduce no-shows with a reminder about upcoming training sessions.
  • Market to new potential clients.

SMS Features for Personal Trainers

All plans, whether you subscribe to 50 or 10,000+ text messages per month, come with the following features (no limitations).
View pricing for more information. New features added monthly!

2 way messaging

2-Way Messaging

Send and receive text messages to have direct, one-on-one conversations with each of your contacts. Learn more

group texting icon

Mass Texting

Create and manage groups. Send or schedule one or thousands of bulk texts to your groups. Learn more

schedule texts icon

Schedule Texts

Set it and forget it. Pick a date and time in the future and send just one or many texts. Learn more

mms icon

MMS Marketing

Upload your own jpg or png image to send with your text messages. Learn more

recurring text icon

Recurring Texts

Create a text message to send at the same interval regularly to the same contact(s). Learn more

private number icon

Private Number

Every account gets their own private number. Pick your number when you create an account. Learn more

organizations icon


Create an organization and invite unlimited users in your organization to your account. Learn more

import contacts icon

Import Contacts

Import contacts from a list you already have to easily manage who receives your texts. Learn more

web form

Web Forms

Allow website visitors to subscribe to your TextSpot groups with embedded forms. Learn more


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