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sms broadcast to people

SMS Broadcast Service

An SMS broadcast is a quick and effective way to send text messages to thousands of customers in minutes. Learn how you can send a free message today!
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What is a Verified Sender (A2P Registration)?

A Verified Sender is our name for an organization registered with wireless carriers (e.g. Verizon, ATT, etc) through an industry process called Application to Person (A2P) Campaign Registry. Learn more about the process and frequently asked questions here.
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inbox individual screenshot

SMS Inbox

In this article we break down what an SMS inbox is, what features it includes, who should use one, and how to get started.
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Free Compliance Text

TextSpot automatically sends a free compliance text message right before you message each a contact for the first time. Learn more here.
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unlimited text messages

Unlimited Text Marketing Plans: Do They Exist?

Learn more about unlimited SMS marketing plans here. Here's why they don't exist and what your options are.
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set recurring text settings

How to Schedule a Weekday Daily Recurring Text

Here's how to create and schedule a text message to be sent at the same time every day of the week to the same person or list with TextSpot.
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text blast screenshot example

BCC Text Messages

Start sending BCC text messages with TextSpot today. Learn more about what blind copy texts are and how to send them with TextSpot.
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how to automate a text message

How to Send Automated Texts

Learn how to send an automated text with TextSpot and learn how and why automated text messages are so useful.
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sms chat

SMS Chat Services for 2-Way Messaging

Use SMS to chat with people from your computer using TextSpot. Learn more about how and why to use SMS chat services for your organization.
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person holding phone

One Way Group Text Messaging With No Reply All

Learn how to send a mass text to a large group of people so that each individual will receive their own text message and can't reply all.
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