SMS Resources

Learn everything there is to know about using text messages for reminders and marketing for your business.


A mobile phone with a message bubble emanating from it

Personalized Mass Text Messaging

Discover the power of personalized mass text messaging and how it can revolutionize your communication strategy.
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A customer service representative using a mobile device to send a text message

How Call Center Text Messaging Can Improve Customer Service

Discover how call center text messaging can revolutionize your customer service experience.
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A chiropractor office with a variety of creative marketing materials

7 Creative Marketing Ideas for Chiropractors to Increase Clientele

Looking for ways to attract more clients to your chiropractic practice? Check out these 7 creative marketing ideas that can help you increase your clientele and grow your business.
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A school building with a creative marketing idea being implemented

4 Creative Marketing Ideas for Schools to Reach More Students

Discover 7 innovative marketing ideas that schools can use to attract more students and stand out from the competition.
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A colorful birthday party scene

Create Unique and Fun Textable Birthday Invites

Learn how to create unique and fun text message birthday invites. We've got all the tips and tricks you need to make your invitations.
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A colorful graph showing the cost of sms marketing over time

SMS Marketing Pricing Guide

Learn all about the associated costs and what to consider with SMS marketing in this guide.
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A mobile phone with a message bubble emanating from it

Unlocking the Potential of B2B Text Messaging

Discover how B2B text messaging can revolutionize your business communication strategy and get started with a B2B texting solution today!
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Add SMS to Website

Learn how to add SMS functionality to your website with our step-by-step guide.
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Enterprise SMS

Discover the power of Enterprise SMS and how it can transform your business communication.
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Discover how SMS-based CRM can revolutionize your business communication strategy.
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Different ways you can use TextSpot.

set recurring text settings

How to Schedule a Weekday Daily Recurring Text

Here's how to create and schedule a text message to be sent at the same time every day of the week to the same person or list with TextSpot.
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text blast screenshot example

BCC Text Messages

Start sending BCC text messages with TextSpot today. Learn more about what blind copy texts are and how to send them with TextSpot.
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how to automate a text message

How to Send Automated Texts

Learn how to send an automated text with TextSpot and learn how and why automated text messages are so useful.
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