How to Send Automated Texts with TextSpot

Discover how to send automated texts using TextSpot to make communicating with customers and your audience easy, convenient, and secure.

how to automate a text message

Automated texts are an excellent tool for getting your message out to the masses without someone constantly needing to manage your mobile phone number or SMS software. TextSpot makes it even easier by allowing you to send automated text messages with multiple trigger types and advanced features for engaging with your audience.

Explore this guide on how to send automated texts to start making your company’s communication strategy easier than ever.

How to Send Automated Texts with TextSpot

Sending mass automated texts to mobile devices is easy to do in a matter of just a few clicks. Here’s how to do it in a mass-texting app like TextSpot.


The first thing you’ll need to do is sign up for TextSpot. Once you’ve created your account, you can log in at anytime to start creating your automated text message.

Create a Contact List

TextSpot makes it easy to create or import lists with thousands of contact phone numbers for your automated text sequence or campaign. You can create a list of 10 people, or import a spreadsheet from Microsoft Excel with 5,000 if you choose to.

Integrate with 7,000+ Apps

If you plan to send automated text messages that send after someone signs up for an event with a calendar app like Outlook, Google Calendar, or Eventbrite, you’ll need to connect the calendar to TextSpot using Zapier.

Zapier provides integrations for different apps through API calls that allow two or more apps to communicate with each other.

TextSpot connects with over 7,000 apps using Zapier, in addition to calendar systems. For example, you can use the third-party integration with HubSpot to send confirmation text messages to your business prospects after you’ve sent them a custom quote. Alternatively, if you sell your products through Shopify, you can also use TextSpot’s third-party integration to seamlessly send receipts and estimated delivery dates.

Choose a Trigger

To finish setting up and start sending text messages automatically, you’ll need to choose a trigger that causes the text message to be sent. Possible triggers you can indicate in TextSpot include:

  • Keywords that users can send to your number
  • Abandoned cart on your website
  • Specified dates and times, such as birthdays or holidays
  • Activities like completed transactions in Shopify
  • And more—there are thousands of possible options

Yep, it’s really that easy! TextSpot doesn’t require you to set up automated rules, and you’ll be able to better protect your audience’s privacy.

When Automated Text Messages Are Useful

There are plenty of opportunities to schedule texts automatically for your brand or audience. Here are some of the ways we recommend using your automated text messages to help you run your business.


Scheduling reminders can help your clients, customers, or other types of audiences about upcoming events or appointments, including weddings and celebrations. You can trigger these automated messages for the day, week, or hour before your scheduled event to remind them to attend.


Confirmation messages are an easy, convenient way to provide excellent customer service to your audience. For example, if someone schedules an appointment or consultation with your business, sending a confirmation text message shows them that you received their request. This also works for purchases, contact forms, and practically any other interaction they can have with your organization.


Text notifications are another smart way to stay engaged with your audience. Whether you’re an influencer who just dropped a new video review of a product in your industry or you want to notify users that you have a new doctor entering your practice, there are plenty of ways to use automated texts as notification systems.

Marketing Campaigns

The sky’s the limit when it comes to using automated text messages for marketing. You can use them in many of the same ways you use your email marketing service, including:

  • Sending out coupon codes or loyalty discounts
  • Promoting new rebrand messaging
  • Pushing holiday specials to customers
  • Reengaging with customers who abandoned their carts on your website
  • Scheduling flash sales based on whether they’re existing customers
  • Allowing warm leads to initiate conversations with your text line
  • And more!

Emergency Alerts

Nobody necessarily wants to have to send these urgent messages, but automated text messaging services are the easiest way to do it. For example, if there are blizzard conditions that make it too dangerous for bus services, schools can send out a mass notification to every mobile phone in their system to notify students and parents that classes are canceled. 

Using a mass-texting app like TextSpot makes it easy for officials to send out a notification about canceled classes as soon as the superintendent makes the decision.

Additional TextSpot Features

Every plan with TextSpot, whether you have 100 message credits per month or 10,000+, has limitless features. Here are some of the features you’ll have at your fingertips:

  • Two-way messaging: With TextSpot, you can send and receive text messages for direct, one-on-one conversations with your contacts at their convenience.
  • Recurring texts: TextSpot’s recurring text tool allows you to send repeated messages automatically, at the cadence you choose.
  • Auto-verification: The system can automatically verify your contact phone numbers to ensure they can receive your messages.
  • Message templates: You can use templates in autoresponders, recurring texts, and other types of messages to make it easier to send your messages.
  • Private number: Every account in TextSpot gets its own private number when you create your account.
  • Link tracking: You can track unique link clicks and shorten URLs to send your audience web content and watch their performance in the buyer’s journey from start to finish.

Our developers are constantly coming up with new features every month, so you’ll always be able to use the latest text messaging features!

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