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It’s easy to keep guests informed and attract them back to your tables with TextSpot. Whether you are sending waitlist texts or promotional texts with coupons. We’ve got the features your restaurant needs.

Restaurant Uses:

  • Send promotional texts with coupons and freebies for food.
  • Schedule SMS blasts to your entire list to promote events.
  • Send texts to people you put on your waitlists.
  • Easily automate asking for reviews after restaurant visits.

SMS Features for Restaurants

All plans, whether you subscribe to 100 or 10,000+ message credits, come with the following features (no limitations).
View pricing for more information. Click below to learn more about each feature. New features added monthly!

How Restaurants Use Text Messaging

TextSpot can help you engage with your restaurant customers and staff. Send, schedule, and manage restaurant text messages to promote special offers, announce changes, book reservations, and more.

Restaurants use text messaging software to engage with their customers and organize business operations. SMS ensures message delivery is instant, and allows communication without Wi-Fi.

Restaurant Features & Uses

Restaurants use text messaging to:

  • Advertise offers or special events
  • Communicate with customers
  • Internal messaging

Promotional Vs. Transactional Text Messages

There are two message types: transactional and promotional.

Transactional messages are for reminders, confirmations, etc. For example, you might alert a customer if a table is ready or create a conversation between staff.

On the other hand, promotional messages are for marketing. Bulk or mass messages share promotions or announcements.

Bulk or Mass Texting

If you need to send a message to a significant number of people, you’ll use bulk or mass texting. For example, you send alerts to staff only or all customers.

Mass texting is effective for marketing, such as informing customers about a deal or event. Bulk messages can also notify staff of crucial changes. For example, you might advertise discounts, loyalty programs, or other offers.

Recurring Texts

You can specify a date and time, the interval or reoccurrence, and an end period with repeating or recurring texts.

For example, managers might set up a weekly schedule posting reminder. If July’s promotion is an extra discount on Fridays, you can send out a reminder text to customers once a week during that month.

2-Way Messaging

Much like personal texting, 2-way messaging is interactive. For example, with 2-way messaging, you might create a customer support hotline or enable conversations between employees.

If last-minute changes occur, such as a schedule change, a manager might send an update and receive a response.

If your restaurant delivers, you can communicate orders with your delivery drivers. Additionally, you can use 2-way messaging for order pick-up.

Schedule Texts

If a one-time event or special occasion requires a reminder, you can easily schedule texts. For example, you might schedule a text to launch a new menu item or introduce seasonal options.

Organizations & User Management

The organization feature enables you to add individual accounts. For example, suppose you have multiple contributors, such as managers. In that case, you can utilize the user management feature to add multiple accounts to your organization.

For restaurants with multiple locations, it can simplify communication by enabling chat between location managers.

Benefits of Text Messaging for Restaurants

Businesses run smoother with better communication, and TextSpot can help with accessible, flexible features. Here are the benefits of using text messaging for restaurants:

Your Benefits as an Organization

With TextSpot SMS, your restaurant can focus on the customer experience and waste less time scheduling and marketing.

Encourage repeat customers with deals and special events sent to the palm of their hand. Keep employees up to date. Create convenient communication that is accessible to the majority of your customers and employees.

Effective Communication

With the average American checking their phone 262 times a day, your customers are more likely to notice your texts than other forms of messaging.

As a result, restaurant messaging software effectively reaches your customers, whether it’s on their phone, smartwatch, or other SMS-enabled devices.

Open Rates

People are more likely to open a text message than an email, not to mention some marketing emails directly go into the junk folder. Average SMS open rates can be as high as 98%, while email open rates sit at an average 20%. With TextSpot, you can be confident your customers are viewing your marketing materials.


Reminders for reservations decrease the number of no-shows. SMS advertising can save marketing costs and eliminate the expense of print advertising.


With TextSpot, your SMS system saves employees and customers time. In addition, your restaurant can create templates that can be reused and tweaked for new offers or events. As a result, your customers receive quick reminders and answers, making them more appreciative of your services.

Your Customer’s Benefits

Communication improves customer engagement as SMS creates opportunities for customer interactions.

You might create a text poll and encourage customers to share their opinion. Additionally, using SMS to inform customers about wait times, reservations and offers improves customer experience. As a result, you cultivate customers that are more likely for a repeat visit.

Who Should Use SMS for Restaurants?

Restaurants can utilize SMS in various ways. For example, managers might communicate with staff or other employee roles. In addition, the restaurant might send reservation reminders to customers or send a message when a table is ready.

Your restaurant has the flexibility to choose what roles create accounts and are responsible for sending messages. From managers, waiters, chefs, and more, you can customize your SMS with a restaurant text service.

How to Be Successful

You’ll know you’ve succeeded when open rates are high, and customers compliment your text services. To get to that point, here are a few tips you need for your restaurant SMS.

  • First, know when to text. For example, if you’re open for breakfast, sending a text at noon won’t promote your morning hours. On the other hand, if you have a dinner special, sending a mass text late afternoon might earn customers’ interest before they’ve decided on their meal plans.
  • Second, find the balance between overwhelming your customers and informing them. Sending a daily message might annoy customers and lead them to unsubscribe. But, don’t let a month pass without a text, or your customers will forget your restaurant.
  • Third, be concise. Say what you need, and don’t ramble. Even if you compose a funny or intriguing message, it should be brief. Otherwise, your customers will lose interest and delete before they finish reading.

Follow these tips for prolonged success with your SMS services.

How to Collect Phone Numbers

There are a few ways your restaurant might collect phone numbers for your SMS software.

First, if you book reservations with a phone number, you can add those customers to your system. Second, you might ask walk-ins for phone numbers and text them when their table is ready.

Third, you might advertise on your website or social media, asking customers to join your SMS system. Offering a limited-time offer or promoting an event can be a helpful incentive.

Getting Started with TextSpot SMS for Restaurants

Getting started with TextSpot SMS is easy, and the features are flexible. 

What You’ll Need

  • TextSpot SMS software
  • Phone numbers and names

With two simple ingredients, your SMS is ready to serve. Rely on restaurant SMS features, and your restaurant will reap the benefits.


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