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Zoom SMS Integrations

This article will show you all the ways you can integrate SMS software with Zoom. Automate tasks and accomplish more desired outcomes.


Send SMS with TextSpot

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Zoom SMS Integrations 101

To create an integration between Zoom and SMS software you need to understand the workflow that automates tasks: Triggers and Actions.

*When this happens...


Triggers are the things that happen on Zoom or on your SMS software. They are the first step in automating a task. Triggers are the “if” statement.

*Automatically do this...


Actions are what happens after a trigger on Zoom or your SMS Software. Actions are the “then” statement of your automation.

Popular Zoom + SMS Software Integrations

  • When someone registers for a Zoom webinar, add the person to a contact list in your SMS software.
  • When someone registers for a Zoom webinar, schedule an SMS reminder to go out to them 1 hour before the webinar.
  • When someone is added to a contact list in your SMS software, send them an SMS invite to a Zoom meeting.

Everything You Can Do with a Zoom SMS Integration

This is everything we know is possible when it comes to automating sending text messages with Zoom and other integrations that enhance the experience of working with Zoom.

When Zoom is the Trigger:

When this happens in ZoomDo this with SMS software...
Contact Registers for WebinarAdd Contact to List, Send/Schedule an SMS or MMS message, Add Contact to SMS Software

When SMS software like TextSpot is the Trigger:

When this happens in your SMS software...Do this in Zoom
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Integrate Zoom with TextSpot

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