Daily Pill Reminder

Get a daily pill reminder text. Send and schedule recurring reminders to take your daily pills and vitamins.

daily pill reminder

Why Use Text Messages for Pill and Medication Reminders?

It’s simple, really. You’ll read them!

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes! You’re going to see that text and it’s easy to leave that unread notification until you swallow your pill.

You can’t always rely on a family member or friend to remind you to take your important pills, vitamins, and medications. Use technology. It will be much more reliable!

Daily Pill Reminder Examples

Here are some examples of pill and medication reminders you can use to send yourself reminders:

  1. Time to take your pill 💊
  2. [INSERT NAME], it’s time for your daily vitamin. Let’s get it fit!
  3. This is your nightly reminder. Take your pill or suffer the consequences!
  4. Good morning, [INSERT NAME]. Don’t forget to take your pill.

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