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If you’re interested in sending out wedding invitation texts (SMS) or using text messages for wedding communication – look no further. This article includes everything you need to know for sending a wedding text.

Can You Send Wedding Invitation Texts?

Of course you can! There is nothing stopping you from sending a wedding invite via text message. While it’s not traditional, there are many advantages over traditional mailed invites.

How to Send Wedding Invitation Texts

With SMS software, like TextSpot, you can upload your guest list and send your invitations in a matter of minutes. You can even schedule reminders to have people RSVP.

  1. Sign up for SMS software like TextSpot.
  2. Upload your guest list with a CSV file.
  3. Create a group (or multiple if you have different types of invites to send)
  4. Add your guest list to the group(s).
  5. Go to the dashboard and draft a text message. Select “To Group” and select your guest list.
  6. Check your message to confirm and either send it right away or schedule it for later.

That’s it. Everyone in your group will individually receive the message you sent.

Benefits of Sending Wedding Invitation Texts

There are a lot of reasons to like text message wedding invites over formal, mailed invitations.

Cost Effective

Compared to the cost of sending wedding invitations in the mail, wedding text message invitations are a fraction of the cost. Wedding invitations can cost hundreds of dollars and sometimes over a $1,000. If you have someone professional design, print, package, apply stamps, and send your invitations the cost adds up.


Text messages can be delivered to your guests in a matter of minutes. Sending postcards or envelopes with invitations can take days, not to mention the time it takes to design, print, stuff in envelopes, and apply postage and addresses.


You can invite a guest list of hundreds of people in a matter of minutes. Sending wedding invites in the mail can take weeks and can add a lot of decision fatigue to the bride and groom. There are literally thousands of wedding invite templates to choose from online. With text messages, you don’t have to worry about designs.

Example Wedding Invitation Texts

Below are some invitation wording recommendations. Feel free to use these examples as templates for your own wedding invitation text messages.

Formal Text Message Wedding Invites

  • The honor of your presence is request at the wedding of [YOUR NAMES] on [DATE OF WEDDING]. Please RSVP by replying.
  • You are joyfully invited to the wedding celebration of [YOUR NAMES] on [DATE OF WEDDING]. Please RSVP by replying.
  • [NAME OF GUEST], [YOUR NAMES] humbly request the pleasure of your company for their wedding on [DATE OF WEDDING]. Please reply with your RSVP.
  • [YOUR NAMES], together with their parents, invite you to join the in celebrating their wedding on [DATE OF WEDDING]. Please RSVP by replying to this message.

Informal Text Message Wedding Invites

  • Hi [NAME OF GUEST], you are invited to the wedding of [YOUR NAMES] on [DATE OF WEDDING]. Let us know if you can make it by replying to this message.
  • [NAME OF GUEST], [YOUR NAMES] want you to join us in celebrating our marriage on [DATE OF WEDDING]. Please let us know if you can make it by replying to this text!
  • Join us for the wedding of [YOUR NAMES] on [DATE OF WEDDING]. RSVP by replying to this message.

Fun Text Message Wedding Invites

  • [YOUR NAMES] are getting hitched on [DATE OF WEDDING] Send us a happy face emoji if you can make it to our wedding or sad face if you can’t.
  • [YOUR NAMES] invite you to hear them say, “I do” on [DATE OF WEDDING]. Will you join us? If so, text back, “I do.”
  • We know it’s not formal, but it sure is easy… You’re invited to the wedding of [YOUR NAMES] on [DATE OF WEDDING]. Let’s party! RSVP by replying to this message.
  • We’re tying the knot! Let [YOUR NAMES] know if you can make it to their wedding celebration on [DATE OF WEDDING]. You will KNOT want to miss it!

Using Texts for Other Important Wedding Communication

Wedding invites are a great start, but once you’ve got all your guests on a list and all your attendees on a list, you can also send them messages throughout your big day.

Wedding Ceremony Texts

  • Send out last minute changes to your ceremony that might be affected by weather.
  • Send out reminders about parking.
  • Send out reminders a few hours ahead of time with directions for hard to find venues.
  • Send out important communication requests like encouraging or discouraging your guests to use their mobile devices for photos.
  • Send out dress code reminders.

Wedding Reception Texts

  • Send out details about when happy hour starts.
  • Send out communication to encourage picture taking and tell them about your hashtag.

Post Wedding Texts

  • Send out thank you texts the day after your wedding.

Other Fun Ways to Use Texts at a Wedding

  • Ask your guests to text song requests either ahead of time or during your event. Then show them to the DJ to get turnt!
  • Encourage guests to text photos to your number so you can access them later or to share funny one-liners or stories that happen that night.

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