Automated Text Messages: A Complete Guide

Want to send an automated text message? There are many different ways and many different types of automated text messages. Learn more in this guide.

text message automation

What is an automated text message?

An automated text message automation is the automatic issuance or activation of text messages to people or groups of people with little to no human intervention. The use of marketing automation has grown in popularity among companies, allowing them to reach their customers at massive scale. Automated text messages are a form of marketing automation.

Ways To Send Automated Text Messages

There are several different types of automated text messages. All serve different purposes and require a range of specifications and features to support their automation. Most automated text messages are extremely simple to set up and have the capacity to allow for an advanced level of customization.

Among the most popular functions are the following:

Abandoned Cart SMS

If you have an eCommerce business, you’re undoubtedly aware of the amount of money that is wasted each day due to abandoned cart sales. Customers frequently fill their carts with items, start the checkout process, and then become distracted and don’t finish their purchases.

Text messaging is one of the most popular methods to re-engage consumers who have abandoned their shopping carts, bring them back to your website, and eventually make purchases.

With this strategy, simply connect your SMS software to your online store through an integration or API and set up the messages to be used. Your automated text messages will start sending out to those who leave your checkout flow with links that take them back.

Automated Workflows

The point of a workflow is to deliver a personalized and customized experience to subscribers. You can create workflows that automatically send text messages and adapt the experience based on the individual’s actions. You may, for example, text a link and then follow up after a certain period of time based on whether or not they clicked it. They can be used to create SMS chat bots, gather data, nurture leads, and more.

SMS Drip Messages

Drip messages are automatic text messages that send on a regular basis after consumers join your SMS marketing campaign. What’s fantastic about drips is that you can string many together to produce a series of automated text messages that send days, weeks, or even years after they first subscribe.

This is a really useful tool that may be as simple or specific as you want. For instance, you can often employ features that will restrict the flow of your drips to individuals who satisfy specific requirements that you set. Whether they gave their name, clicked a link, or even made a purchase, you can target them directly.

Scheduled Text Messages

One of the most popular and simplest methods to utilize SMS automation is to schedule text messages. With this technology, you can schedule periodized messages with ease. You can choose to send your message immediately, later, or on a regular basis while composing it. You have the option to send your text message at a later date and time by choosing to do so. You can even select a time zone for your messages to be sent from.

You can send appointment reminders, event notifications, stock replenishment alerts, and so much more with scheduled texts. When searching for a mass text provider, it’s a must-have feature.


The most basic and most frequent form of SMS automation is auto responders. An autoresponder is a text message that is automatically sent to someone who texts a particular keyword to a short code or phone number. They are completely customizable and are sent as soon as a keyword is texted.

Most often, autoresponders are used to confirm subscription to SMS marketing campaigns or bulk text messaging. When someone joins a messaging list, they receive an auto response that thanks them for their participation and often provides some additional information.

Recurring Text Messages

Repeating texts, often known as “repetitive messaging” or “recurring messages” are SMS messages that are sent automatically at regular intervals. The same as scheduled text messages, recurring communications allow you to set a time for the message to send, but you may also choose to have it repeat in the future.

With this software, you can schedule text messages to be sent automatically on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annually recurring basis. There are almost limitless scheduling possibilities available, so that you can automate critical SMS communications to the best of your needs.

Text Message Surveys

SMS surveys are a fantastic way to connect with users, get information, and interact with them. This feature allows you to create a chain of questions that people may complete entirely through text messaging. SMS surveys are highly automated and a helpful instrument for businesses that want to gather continuing feedback.

Numeric responses, multiple choice questions, and open-ended inquiries are the three kinds of survey questions used in this practice.

Automated Birthday Rewards

Automated birthday text messages are a great way to connect with your consumers or audience in a unique and personal manner. It allows you to send text messages on or before the birthdays of your subscribers, tapping their interest and conveying thoughtfulness. This is yet another feature that delivers excellent value while requiring no work on your part.

Reasons to Use SMS Automation

There are several advantages to automating your text messages. In today’s fast-paced world, the more you can automate, the better. It’s one of the most popular text message marketing tools.

Here are a handful of reasons why you might want to put your SMS and MMS marketing efforts on autopilot.

Simple Setup

Setting up automated text messaging features is simple and accessible. They provide strong marketing tools that are both easy to use and effective.

Hands-Free Messaging

Using automation allows you to devote your attention to more vital aspects of your business or organization. Allow automation to take care of the hard work of keeping your audience engaged so that you can focus on other things.

Consistent Returns

By sending your audience messages on a regular basis, you can better position your business to achieve constant returns. One of the most frequent causes of outbound marketing failure is that it necessitates continuous, hands-on attention. You can offer constant value and remain top of mind with your consumers by sending automated text messages, with less attention required.

Automated text messaging has the capacity to provide you with a variety of options for reaching your target audience in the most efficient way possible. It can provide both simplicity and flexibility, and allow you to put your marketing on autopilot, from simple scheduling to more complex recurring SMS and event-triggered messaging campaigns.


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