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Want to learn how to grow your text message list? Learn about all of the ways you can grow your SMS list here.

grow your text list

Improve Your Business with SMS Marketing

SMS marketing can vastly improve your business practice. Not only do returning customers spend an average of 67% more than new customers, but they are also more likely to buy your product or service. 

While the likelihood of making a sale to a new customer is between 5 and 20%, repeat customers are 60 to 70% likely to make a purchase. 

The ability to send a text message directly to consumers is a far more effective method than putting up a billboard, paying for a radio commercial, or running an ad for a local magazine. With SMS marketing, your target audience is right there at your fingertips. 

Mailing lists are a reliable way to keep customers in the loop and remind them of why they love your product or service. 

When tied with SMS marketing, it’s even better. A customer may see a promotional email and think about making a stop at your business, then go about their day. But when they see an SMS message that serves as a second reminder, that may be enough to entice them to browse your website or stop by your storefront.

Grow Your SMS List

To engage in effective SMS marketing, you need to grow your SMS list. Your SMS list will be the audience that receives SMS messages with updates about your company. 

The dilemma most companies experience when considering SMS marketing is that they don’t know how to grow their list. However, they have all the resources that they need, right in their mailing list.  

Your company can add a button to sign up for texts at the end of every promotional email you send out. You can also prompt customers to fill out a form whenever they:

  • Visit your website
  • Make a purchase
  • Sign up for your newsletter

Convert Email to SMS List

Upload Your Mailing List 

You can input your email list by importing your contacts, and if you already have the phone numbers of customers, you can import those phone numbers with our software.

 This will locate the information of your valued customers conveniently at the source of your messaging software. If you want the customers on your mailing list to subscribe to your SMS service, there are a few things you can do. 

Use Opt-in Options

A simple way to get the phone numbers of customers is to send out an announcement to your mailing list. 

Announce the new mass text messaging service to the recipients of your mailing list, and give them an option to opt in to the SMS texts. This can be done by telling them to text a certain phrase—JOIN, for example—to your designated SMS number.

This is a great method of attracting your most loyal customers, and it won’t feel at all like overstepping boundaries, because they agreed to partake in the service. It attracts all of the people you want, and none of those who don’t want your messages. 

To increase the likelihood of customers opting in, you can include an incentive. For instance, text a coupon code to every customer who signs up for the SMS service, or offer a free item or service. You know what your customers want; we’re just here to help you deliver the news. 

Schedule a Text for Email Subscribers

Some companies have a signup sheet that includes email addresses and phone numbers. This is often stored in a mailing list database like Mailchimp or just kept in company files. Having customers’ phone numbers on file is the perfect opportunity to start your SMS list. 

Send out a mass text to all the customer numbers in your possession announcing the new mass texting service.

 At this point, you can give customers a choice to opt out of receiving future updates. Those who don’t want to join your SMS list will opt out, and the rest will keep receiving updates from your company. 

Start with Business Text Messaging

Getting started with an SMS service is easier than it seems, and once you’re all settled, you can send automated texts for a variety of purposes. 

  1. Create a TextSpot account.
  2. Select a payment plan based on credits. We even have a credit calculator to help you figure out which plan is best. 
  3. After signing up, we have guides on business text messaging and masWant to learn how to send mass text messages to your SMS list? Look no further than your mailing list. It’s an easy way to gain an audience.s texts that will improve your marketing skills. 
  4. Import your contacts, integrate Zapier for automated text messages if you’re a user, and then you can get started on sending out those business texts. 

A mass text will keep your company on your customers’ minds and retarget leads who already have had a positive experience with your business. 

Promote Sales, Deals & Discounts

Use a mass texting service for sale promotions. This is a message that customers are nearly always happy to receive. 

Whether your service or product is essential or a luxury, customers will want to seize the opportunity to save money with a deal. Let them know about 20% off car washes, buy one get one free pizza, or Black Friday laptop deals. 

Connect with Holiday Messages

For family businesses, holiday messages are a nice touch. They can also serve as a subtle advertising method for your business. Receiving a Thanksgiving text from your chiropractor might make you realize you haven’t had an appointment in a while. It’s effective without being too pushy. 

Keep Your Audience Up to Date on Your Business

Business updates, such as new services or products offered, are a great way to utilize business text messaging. It reminds your loyal customers that things are always improving and evolving at your company, in addition to increasing their awareness about new offerings. 

If a massage clinic announces that they’ve gotten sensory floatation tanks, for example, consumers will want to stop in and check out the new service. You can even offer deals for those who try the new service through your SMS promotions. 

What Makes TextSpot Different?

TextSpot has been built with the user experience in mind. Our user-friendly design makes it easy for business owners inexperienced in mass text messaging software to send automated texts and reminder messages. 

Our pricing is also based on credits, so you don’t have to worry about paying more in monthly subscription fees for a service you won’t use that often.

Send Automated Texts to Loyal Customers

We know that customers who already love a company are more likely to buy from them. This targeted advertising with mass text messaging will result in a higher conversion rate. 

It won’t cost you the same outlandish fees of print advertising or other traditional advertising methods. You can even schedule a text or send a text from your computer, so you can plan mass text messages well ahead of time. 

Start SMS Marketing with TextSpot

Want to see the difference that business text messaging can make for your company? Try SMS marketing by starting a TextSpot account for free. Sign up for an annual subscription, and save two months of payment!


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