How to Send a Timed Text

Here's how to schedule a timed text message with your Android, iPhone, and with a third-party application called TextSpot.

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If you are using an iPhone, you cannot use the Messages app to send a timed text message. If you are using an Android device, you can send a timed text.

If you are trying to send a text from your computer you can send a timed text using TextSpot.

What is a Timed Text?

A timed text can be defined as an SMS message that is scheduled to be sent once or more than once at a later time. Timed texts have a clock or timer set programmatically so that they can be sent at a predetermined time and/or interval.

Why Send a Timed Text?

There are hundreds of reasons why you might need to send a timed text message.

  • Personal reminders.
  • Reminders to family or friends.
  • Patient or customer reminders.
  • It’s too late or too early to text someone.
  • Setting up birthday text messages so you don’t forget them.

Send a timed text is important for both personal uses and for business use. Scheduled messages are crucial for communication needs and SMS text messages are one of the most effective ways of communicating your message.

How to Send a Timed Text with an Android Device

Google recently released a version of Google Messages that allows you to send a timed text or schedule a text for later. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Google Messages.
  2. Open up Google Messages on your Android phone and select who you want to send a timed text to.
  3. Write your text message.
  4. Tap and hold the send button and a schedule menu will pop up.
  5. Choose when you’d like to send your timed text.

That’s it. Now you’ve scheduled a timed text.

How to Send a Timed Text with an iPhone

Although you cannot send a timed text with the iPhone Messages app (your default messaging app), you do have a couple of alternative options.

  1. Use a third-party app like the Scheduled App. This app does have a free and premium version. The free version will just remind you when to send your text. So it doesn’t actually send a timed text for you. The paid version does, however.
  2. The Shortcuts app on your iPhone. This will allow you to set up an automation that will send a timed text to any contact on your phone.

How To Send a Timed Text With TextSpot

TextSpot allows you to send timed text messages to individuals and groups. You can even set your messages to recur or repeat regularly.

  1. Create your free account.
  2. Go to the Dashboard.
    text message software dashboard
  3. Under “Send a Message” select a recipient (if you can’t find the recipient, add them as a contact).
  4. Select “Later” under “Send Message.”
  5. Select your date and time.
  6. Fill out your text message in the message field.
  7. Select “Schedule” to send a timed text.
    schedule text to send to group for mass texting

Learn more about the TextSpot scheduling feature.

Sending Bulk Timed Texts

Sending bulk messages at a scheduled time with TextSpot is just as easy. The only difference is that instead of selecting a single contact, you select a group. Learn more about sending mass timed texts to a group.

Send a Timed Text by Scheduling Reminders

If you don’t like any of the other options, you can always consider using your phone’s reminder app or a reminder app of your choice to remind you to send a text at a certain time in the future. It’s not exactly a set and forget it option, but it can help you send text messages at the time you’d like them to be sent.

Related Questions

How do you send a delayed text on an iPhone?

You can either use a third-party app like Scheduled or set up an automation with the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.

How do you send a delayed text on an iPhone?

Sending a delayed text and a timed text is more or less the same. The options above provide exactly how to send a delayed text message.


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