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In this article we break down what an SMS inbox is, what features it includes, who should use one, and how to get started.

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What is an SMS Inbox?

An SMS inbox is a list of outgoing and incoming text messages that you can view and manage. Within software like TextSpot, your Inbox is a space for starting and continuing one-on-one text message conversations with your contacts.

An inbox is a place to manage conversations much like your personal mobile device’s text messages app, although it comes with a lot more powerful features.

Learn more about TextSpot’s Inbox feature.

SMS Inbox Features

There are many different features available within SMS inboxes. Not all Inboxes within SMS software provide the same features. Here is a list of common features you will find within SMS software that includes an inbox:

  • View inbound messages from your contacts
  • Reply to inbound messages from your contacts
  • Schedule messages
  • Create auto-replies
  • Sort messages by most recent or by individual contacts or lists
  • Receive email notifications of new replies
  • Assign other users to SMS conversations
  • View contact information like name and phone number of the person you are messaging
  • View individual replies from contacts that were initiated by mass or bulk text message campaigns
  • Send images with your messages
  • Include links with your messages

How to Set Up an SMS Inbox

To set up an SMS inbox you’ll need software like TextSpot. Getting started is simple. All you’ll need is:

  1. An email address and phone number to create a free account.
  2. A list of contacts you’d like to send text messages to.

That’s about it. You can be sending and receive text messages in a matter of minutes. After sending messages, any replies can be managed in your inbox.

Who Needs an SMS Inbox?

Any business or organization that has a need to communicate with its customers, patients, fans, or followers can benefit from using an SMS inbox. Both customer support teams and sales teams can benefit from SMS software that includes a feature-rich inbox.

Use an SMS inbox to:

  • Send reminders
  • Answer important questions
  • Get confirmation messages
  • Promote events
  • Encourage sales
  • Ask for reviews

Benefits of Using a Text Message Inbox

An inbox is a great tool to use for both transactional messaging and promotional messaging.

  • Lower your response times
  • Reduce time-consuming and ineffective phone calls
  • Increase message open and read rates
  • Save time by sending mass messages

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an inbound SMS message?

An inbound SMS message or incoming message is any text message you receive either to your personal mobile device or to software like TextSpot.

What is an outbound SMS message?

An outbound SMS message is any text message you send either from your personal mobile device or software like TextSpot.


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