Unlimited Text Marketing Plans: Do They Exist?

Learn more about unlimited SMS marketing plans here. Here's why they don't exist and what your options are.

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What is Unlimited SMS Text Marketing?

Unlimited SMS text marketing is a service that allows people or organizations to send an unlimited number of marketing-based text messages to their customers or prospects for a fixed fee.

Does Unlimited SMS Text Marketing Exist?

Unfortunately, unlimited SMS text marketing plans do not exist. There is likely a catch if you find a text message marketing platform that claims to offer unlimited messages.

Why Doesn’t Unlimited SMS Marketing Exist?

Unlimited text messages for marketing do not exist because telecom carriers like Verizon, ATT, and T-MOBILE all charge fees for text messages sent over their networks.

Platforms, like TextSpot, pass those costs on to their customers at a per-message rate.

How Can Carriers Provide Personal Unlimited SMS Messages?

Carriers can offer unlimited SMS messaging for personal use because the margins for what a typical customer sends are factored in.

Carriers know the monthly average number of text messages their personal customers send, so they can charge enough for their plans to make a profit.

Businesses on the other hand are far less predictable in the volume of text messages they need. Some businesses may only need to send a few hundred messages per month while others may need to send 100s of thousands of text messages per month.

This is why a per-message rate is more feasible for businesses.

Often, businesses also require additional features that personal text messaging applications on our mobile devices do not provide.

You cannot send a blast or bulk text out to hundreds of people from your personal device. You need an application like TextSpot to send mass texts.

Unlimited Features with SMS Marketing Platforms

Some text marketing platforms offer features that do not have limits. For example, TextSpot offers:

  • Unlimited Contacts
    Unlimited contacts allow you to add as many people as you want to the platform without charging extra. If you have 100 or one million contacts, your costs will be the same. It is only when you send messages to these contacts that you will be charged.
  • Unlimited Users
    Unlimited users allow you to add as many people from your business or organization to TextSpot as you would like. If you have a team of two or 200, you will not be charged any extra.
  • Unlimited Groups
    Unlimited groups allow you to organize your contacts into lists or groups to easily send mass or bulk text messages to. You can create as many groups as you would like without be charged. It is only when you send text messages to your groups that you will be charged.

How Carriers Charge Application to Person (A2P) Platforms

Carriers charge A2P platforms, like TextSpot, for every text message that is sent from our platform. They charge more for MMS messages (those that include media like images or GIFs) and more for text messages broken up into multiple segments.

When you send text messages on TextSpot you are charged credits, depending on how many text messages you are sending and the type of message.

We offer plans that reduce your price per message the more messages you send. Volume discounts can also be created in the form of custom plans.

Is SMS Marketing Cost-Effective?

While text message marketing typically costs more than email marketing, it can offer a much stronger return on investment.

Effective SMS marketing campaigns provide you with higher open rates and response rates than email marketing.

In fact, 78% of people wish they could have a text conversation with a business.

It’s also important to consider the time and resources that go into email marketing vs SMS marketing. With SMS marketing you do not have to spend time and money to design and test effective emails. Text messages require no design. You just need to write strong copy that meets the needs of the recipient of your message.

And maybe throw in a fun emoji or picture from time to time.

Is There Any Way to Get Unlimited Text Messages for Marketing?

If you’re really motivated to send marketing text messages without being charged for every message you send, you could become an affiliate of a platform, like TextSpot.

Affiliates or referral partners can refer other businesses to TextSpot and earn commissions or free text message credits.

Text Marketing Plans

If you’re looking for a platform to send unlimited text messages, look no further than TextSpot. We offer custom plans that offer competitive volume discounts.


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