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An SMS broadcast is a quick and effective way to send text messages to thousands of customers in minutes. Learn how you can send a free message today!

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If you’re looking for a fast and convenient way to get your message in front of thousands of people, an SMS broadcast is a smart solution. TextSpot’s user-friendly tools and excellent customer service make it easy and affordable to send out thousands of messages to your customers.

What Is an SMS Broadcast?

A broadcast message is a text message that can be sent out to thousands of people simultaneously. They can be pre-planned to send at a certain time, or created and sent immediately.

An SMS broadcast is able to contain most of the content that can be included in a text message, such as text, images, GIFs, and links to websites. It is often used by retailers to promote upcoming sales or by nonprofits to ask for donations during a fundraiser. Schools, universities, or municipalities may use them to send out alerts regarding inclement weather or road detours. While broadcast messages are similar to group texts, they allow users to maintain their privacy, since recipients of broadcasts are unable to see the phone numbers or replies of their fellow users.

Text messages are a remarkably effective mass communication tool for a diverse range of organizations. A recent survey found that 90% of people read text messages within three minutes of receiving them. On top of that, the open rate for text messages is a whopping 99%. Compare that number to email, where an average of only 21% of messages are ever opened!

How to Send an SMS Broadcast with TextSpot

TextSpot’s tools allow users to upload their contact lists, create messages, and quickly send them out directly from their desktop. We’ve streamlined the process to make sending an SMS broadcast message almost as easy as texting a friend.

Build a Contact List

Once you are logged into TextSpot’s software tools, you’ll be able to create and organize groups of recipients. After creating a group, you will be able to add new contacts, including their names and phone numbers. The group organization will allow you to send messages only to relevant contacts. Therefore, if your school district has just one building closed due to a power outage, you can send a message just to the students who have classes in that building.

Write Your Message

On average, people only spend five seconds looking at a text message. Therefore, short messages and direct messages are best.

Try using a photo, emoji, or an eye-catching introduction to grab their attention. Make sure to give your recipient a simple and immediate next step to perform, such as clicking a link or calling a number. You don’t want to make something that takes too much effort, or they might choose to ignore the message or put it off until later just to end up forgetting it.

Send It Out

Just click “send” and TextSpot’s streamlined software will take care of the rest! You’ll be able to easily read all of the replies in your inbox. Then you can use that data to grow your understanding of what your customers are interested in, enabling you to write even better text messages in the future.

What Can SMS Broadcast Be Used for?

Notifications and Reminders

If you need to quickly send out an important message to your users on a device they are sure to check regularly, SMS broadcasts are the way to go. Text notifications are especially popular with young people. Approximately 77% of students ask their colleges to send them important information via text message.

Public school districts have long used SMS broadcasts to notify families of school closures due to weather or other issues. They also became a vital tool during the pandemic for school districts to notify parents of new policy changes or a positive test of COVID-19 that their child may have been in contact with.

Broadcast messages are effective at sending out notifications and reminders for a variety of safety purposes. Many municipalities or local government services use SMS broadcasts to alert residents of hazards, such as down power lines, road flooding, or broken water mains that may have been contaminated.


SMS broadcasts are a great way to get quick feedback from your users. Simply send a text message to a survey site of your choosing, or ask your users to reply to a multiple-choice option in your message. While it may be a while before recipients check their emails, you can send out text messages immediately after events or announcements to get quick feedback.


One of the most popular uses of broadcast text messages is to promote special sales at retail stores. They can be used to encourage recipients to visit a local store in person or to shop online. Messages are often sent to promote flash sales or specific items, especially ones that are available for a limited time. Many retailers like to include a timed discount code in their messages to incentivize their customers to act quickly.

What Industries Might Use SMS Broadcast Services?

TextSpot is available to almost any industry or organization except cannabis or political campaigns due to the legal restrictions around those fields. A list of just some of the organizations that regularly use SMS broadcasts includes:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Group Text vs. Broadcast: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between a group text/chat and an SMS broadcast message is privacy. In a group text, every recipient can see the phone numbers of all the other recipients along with their replies. A broadcast text maintains the privacy of a direct message while adding the efficiency and convenience of being able to send your message to thousands of people at once.

Can Recipients Reply to a Broadcast Message?

Yes! And you’ll be able to easily read each of their replies through TextSpot’s Inbox feature.

What Kind of SMS Broadcast Pricing Does TextSpot Offer?

That will depend on a number of factors, including how many messages you choose to send, the length of the message, the number of recipients, and whether your messages contain images. TextSpot uses a credit system for its pricing model, and we’ve created a handy calculator to help you determine your estimated cost.


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